Marni Gittleman

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What’s 6 Feet?

Innovative COVID-19 resiliency campaign to highlight our humanness, honor, show & share experiences of living life at a distance during the pandemic and foster connection via participatory street art, Instagram pass-it-on challenge and community inspired physical distancing decals for essential businesses and shared public space.

Street art style talk bubble prompts place heart-full questions at our feet and in window view…

Community is invited to reflect, express their experiences and creatively reply… Measure it! Craft it! Sew it! Cook it! Dance it! Photograph it!

A curated array of community responses are chronicled on-line via project social at and featured on physical distancing decals. A connective spin on where to stand (literally) that brings us closer social-emotionally while safely spacing 6 feet apart.

All are invited to be A part, together!

Creator / Artist / Director: Marni Gittleman

Collaborating artists: Z the Art, Kaveri Singh Artworks, Katie Irish, Joseph Kahlr• Stencil fabrication & decal production: Image360

Made possible by Art of Recovery, an initiative of the City of Santa Monica Cultural Affairs.

Santa Monica Daily Press
Argonaut News
Santa Monica Mirror
Santa Monica Close-up | Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica Close-up
City of Santa Monica

This is Hunger

This Is Hunger

MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger

This Is Hunger, is a high-impact, experiential mobile installation designed to illuminate the profound prevalence of hunger in America, encourage us to raise our voices on behalf of the 42.2 million Americans who struggle with hunger every day, and spark a national commitment to end hunger once and for all. Housed within a 1,000 sq ft trailer, participants embark on a two-part immersive journey to understand the stark reality of hunger in America (ILLUMINATE) and engage with resources to learn more and take action (ADVOCATE).

Creative Director / Principal Concept & Content Developer

California Cont'd

California Continued

Autry Museum of the American West

The most transformative project in the Autry's nearly 30-year history! Through immersive storytelling and nearly 20,000 square feet of gallery and garden spaces, California Continued shares how traditional ecological knowledge gained through centuries of experience can help present-day residents understand and care for the California environment. Two new exhibition galleries present extraordinary art, artifacts, and personal ephemera, including many objects from the Southwest Museum of the American Indian Collection on view for the very first time! Beyond the galleries, a new ethnobotanical garden features more than 60 Native plants and activities that explore how generations of peoples, especially First Californians, have made use of plants and water. Connecting and complementing each of the experiences, a dual-screen projection room reveals landscapes and close-ups across California, from deserts to the coasts.

Interactive Designer

Autry / California Continued


GLOWmasphere at Glow

Selected as one of 15 commissioned artists. Glow is a unique, one-night, dusk-to-dawn cultural experience featuring original commissions that re-imagine Santa Monica Beach as a playground for thoughtful contemporary artworks engaging the public as both viewer and participant. Drawing upwards of 200,000 visitors, Glow is among the largest public art events in the U.S.

GLOWmasphere engages audiences of all ages in an immersive eco-art experience integrating movement, projection, percussion, heart and soul to activate the mood and grace of glowing. Participants become part of the installation itself amping up their own personal light from within to then pass on to others -- shining bright to be the light.

A glowing 36’ geodesic dome entices your curiosity with an alluring array of light, color and shadow projections composed of moving figures and recycled objects. On the inside – it ignites you as participants are guided by dynamic facilitators. Every session is unique as are the participants.

Creator, Artist

NY Times Art & Design
NY Times

LACMAVideo - Community Made

LACMAVideo - Community Made

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

What does community have to do with it? Around the world, people with different kinds of expertise come together to create something special. In this video, narrated by a group of tweens, learn about the collaborative process for making three different textiles from Japan, Cameroon and the United States.

Concept Developer, Writer, Co-Director

YouTube - Community Made

LACMAVideo - Design Inspiration

LACMAVideo - Design Inspiration

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

What inspires costume and textile artists?

LACMA curators uncover how art made long-ago has sparked creativity for contemporary designers. Discover how paintings by an Italian monk inspired two sisters from Southern California to create a line of silk gowns, and how one designer's childhood visits to museums influenced her whimsical patterns.

Concept Developer, Writer, Director

YouTube - Design Inspiration

LACMAVideo - Closet to Collection

LACMAVideo - Closet to Collection

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

What does your closet at home have in common with LACMA?

LACMA curators playfully reveal how fun and easy it is to make connections between what you'd find in a typical middle-school student's wardrobe and the museum's collection of costume and textiles.

Concept Developer, Writer, Director

YouTube - Closet to Collection

Noah’s Ark at the Skirball

Noah’s Ark at the Skirball

Ground breaking intergenerational family destination featuring immersive, experiential installations with an affective mission of building community and fostering citizenship. Recipient of THEA Award for Outstanding Exhibit Achievement and American Association of Museums, Award for Excellence.

Concept + Content Creator & Head

Responsible for developing storyline, concept, content and audience goals, giving vision and form to what would become the hands-on exhibit elements. Oversaw conception and launch of all Ark programming for inaugural year inclusive of school, after-school and public offerings.


Art Inside Out

Art Inside Out

Breakthrough exhibit that literally invited children and their families to step into works by three great contemporary artists: Elizabeth Murray, William Wegman and Fred Wilson. Over two-dozen original works and interactive multi-media displays. Art Inside Out exposed families to the working processes of artists and provided a welcoming entry point into New York’s world of art and museums. Voted among the New York Times Best of 2002 top-10 list by Michael Kimmelman, chief art critic.

Exhibit Developer - Elizabeth Murray installation

Education Update

the Family Room

the Family Room

Getty Center

Getty Center’s inaugural, hands-on discovery pavilion introducing an immersive, participatory approach to experiencing art for families. Custom created exhibits, arts and technology resources and interpretive materials to engage children and parents with the Getty collection.

Exhibit Developer & Education Specialist

Responsible for the concept, content, exhibitry and programming for the Family pavillion, family programming, development of family audio tours, oversight of 90+ docents, gallery teachers and interns.